Iker De Peque aka Baftometart

Born in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. As a kid always dealt with health issues which translated into long and multiple hospitalizations. This helped making art and drawing  being the primary focus of my entertainment.

Wherever there was an art contest as a kid I was always among the top.

Always been drawing but it wasn’t until college that I dived deep into painting. After a couple shows in cafeterias and small places, in 2011 moved to Los Angeles and later on, in 2016, to the Palm Springs area, until today.

I am a Palm Springs based artist and work primarily in acrylics. I define my work as surreal fantasy applied in an impressionistic way using expressionist color palettes.
Every single piece I create is deeply plan ahead of time before grabbing any brushes.
Once the whole concept, composition and color choices are fully planned in my head I proceed to apply the most suitable technic to achieve the results ambitioned.

This led me to dig further into the pouring technics that nowadays are often incorporated in my work as a way to achieve whimsical results. I play quite often with elements like water, air, fire… making the acrylic pour technic a perfect suit for my purposes.

I like to play with textures, so I often treat acrylics as oil paints and apply them in thick coats, whether is with the brush or the palette knife. Recently started including iridescent paints as they fit perfectly the subject matter of my work. I like to experiment with new technics, mediums… this led me to include sand mixed in my paints in one of my works, as an example.

One of my recurring subjects is the male figure in a voluptuous way. I like to push the limits of anatomy to serve the flow of the composition. My human chub characters have well thought modified human proportions, making them proportionally unreal but pleasing to the eye. These proportions and gestures are altered conveniently to fit the action.

I rarely ever work out of references.

I much rather study the subject visually and then use my so handy photographic visual memory to paint my own interpretation of each element that fills the composition.
My work is highly influenced from years of drawing comic. This gives my characters and the flow of the action that unrealistic look I search for.

I also like to break the rules, this allows me to play with the light in whatever way I see fit to enhance the attributes of the elements in my composition the way I want it to be represented.
Often in my bear faeries pieces I use two separate color palettes. One for the background and one for the faeries themselves.

My work ranges from up lifting colorful scenarios to the most dark pieces of work.